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Lingolia is an online platform for learning German, English, French, Spanish and Esperanto

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From grammar and vocabulary through to spelling, punctuation and writing tips, you’ll find everything you need to know for school or work right here on Lingolia.


With Lingolia, it’s easy to learn German, English, French, Spanish and Esperanto.

Free content

Online explanations on Lingolia are free and there is at least one free exercise for every topic in the grammar and vocabulary sections.

Simple explanations

Lingolia’s grammar explanations are simple, concise and clear. Numerous exercises make remembering grammar rules and exceptions fast and easy.

Exercises with instant feedback

Our exercises give you instant feedback and most include a short explanation, making them perfect for self-study.

  • Grammar with explanations and exercises
  • Numbers, themed vocabulary pages, idioms and expressions
  • Listening and reading comprehension
  • Punctuation and stylistic devices guide

Claudia: “Thank you so much for creating such a variety of exercises, they’re perfect for exam preparation! Thanks Lingolia :)”