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Eagle-eyed users may have already noticed our mini makeover over the weekend.

We’ve got a brand new font and a brand new logo (but still the same great content).

We hope you love our new look as much as we do!

Lingolia Logo




Our free language level tests for English, German, French and Spanish are now available.

Multiple choice questions, instant results and no sign-up needed.

Click on the links above or find them via the rocket in the blue toolbar.

Check them out today!



Our info on declension in German grammar has had an upgrade!

We’ve added 3 new pages and 69 new Plus exercises, exclusive to Lingolia Plus users:

And we’ve restructured things so that each section now has its own page on declension:

Check them out today!

Looking to mix things up and discover new topics? Try out our brand new random exercise generator!

Click on the dice in the blue toolbar to be taken to a random exercise.

Lingolia Plus users — you can even set the dice according to your level.

Roll the dice and let’s get random!



Lingolia Plus users — we’ve got something special for you!

The Lingolia Plus home section has had a makeover.

Now you can earn badges by completing exercises, maintaining streaks and chasing perfect scores.

You can also manage your profile settings and keep tracking those stats to make sure you’re progressing.

Head to My Lingolia Plus to check it out!