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What is Lingolia Pro?

Lingolia Pro gives you multiple Lingolia Plus accounts that you can assign to individuals; perfect for companies, language schools and independent educators.

With up to 1000 grammar exercises (and counting!) for German, English, French and Spanish, Lingolia Pro gives your employees, clients or students their own personal platform for digital grammar practice.

Thanks to a choice of 3-, 6- or 12-month plans for each learner and a dedicated admin account, providing digital learning has never been easier than with Lingolia Pro.

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Up your game with Lingolia Pro

Whether you’re a company looking to supplement your in-house language course, a language school on the hunt for good-quality digital materials, or an independent educator hoping to set yourself apart from the competition, Lingolia Pro is right for you.

With Lingolia Pro, you can purchase multiple Lingolia Plus accounts to assign to individuals. This gives your team, students or clients a personal digital platform where they can practice grammar for English, German, French or Spanish.

In real terms, this means that learners get individual access to up to 1000 grammar exercises for their chosen language(s), organised by topic and level. The built-in progress tracker together with instant feedback and explanations makes Lingolia Pro the ideal tool for homework and self-study.

Built-in progress tracker

With Lingolia Pro, both you and your learners can track their progress. Learners can access their results via their own account, while the admin dashboard gives you an overview of each learner's individual stats. See which exercises they have completed, check how well they scored and get to know their strengths and weaknesses to better facilitate their learning.

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