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Plus accounts for everyone

Give individual Lingolia Plus accounts to your learners and teachers with Pro.

Self-study made easy

Learners get access to hundreds of digital grammar exercises, organised by topic and level, supported by instant feedback.

Built-in progress tracker

Teachers and admin can track learners’ progress any time thanks to learner stats and insights.

Plans & pricing that fit you

Only pay for the Plus accounts you need; no subscription, no ads and no recurring costs.

One account to rule them all

With Pro, everything is controlled via the Pro admin account.

One central dashboard lets you create individual Plus accounts and assign them to learners, teachers, coworkers, family members, friends … the list goes on!

Add, extend or update accounts whenever you want, and use the learner stats to track progress at any time.

Ideal for your class, team, group or family.

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Self-study to supplement any language course

Assign Plus accounts to your learners and give them access to hundreds of digital grammar exercises for English, German, French or Spanish.

Organised by topic and level, our Plus exercises go beyond the standard; they don’t just say whether an answer was right or wrong — they also explain why, making Plus the perfect self-study tool.

Independent grammar practice + instant feedback = more class time to focus on the fun stuff!

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Schools: stay organised with accounts for teachers

Create accounts for teachers in just a few clicks with Pro.

You can then assign learners to specific teachers via the dashboard.

Teachers can use these class lists to track progress and identify strengths and weaknesses thanks to the learner stats, which offer insights into which exercises learners have completed, when they completed them and how well they scored.

All of this and no marking necessary!

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Pricing and plans that fit you

The Pro admin account costs just €15 and comes with a bonus 3-month Plus account for a language of your choice.

See our price list for our pricing per user per language.

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No hidden costs

Lingolia Pro is not a subscription.

Each account is purchased via a one-time payment, and once the account expires after the chosen duration, it is not automatically renewed.

This means no recurring costs and no nasty surprises; just transparent pricing and peace of mind.

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